Eastcote, London

Community Fit Club

The Fit Club is back with a bang! Bring the local community together to become more healthy and active.

Join our Fit Club consisting of fun group exercises that are designed for maximum body and health results.

Our next Fit Club wave is starting on Monday 1st November 2021 at Roxbourne Primary School!

Sessions will run on Monday and Wednesday between 7:00-7:45pm. 

Places are limited as we move indoors so book your place today and invite friends later to avoid your own disappointment.


Our Fit Club workouts are designed for people of all levels. No matter if you’re just getting started or you’ve been training for years, everyone is welcome!

We promise you a friendly and judgement-free environment that is full of energy! If you want to achieve any one the below then don’t wait and JOIN NOW! (Spaces limited)

Lose weight

Tone up muscles

Have more energy

Improve your health

Gain muscle

Find a great community



We made this Fit Club Wave extremely affordable. With each session costing an average £3.50 there is no excuse not to join! 




  • Two 45-min¬† workout sessions a week
  • Friendly and encouraging coaching style
  • Fun and exciting community atmosphere

80% nutrition
20% exercise
100% mindset


We are 24 Fit Eastcote! A power movement, here to push the boundaries of our community in regards to health, happiness and fun. With each session we put on, we look to strengthen our community as well as our participants physically. We challenge everyone to achieve new levels in their fitness & life. We help cut inches off your waistline while building and strengthening your muscles. We pride ourselves on bringing our community closer to health and happiness one session at a time.


meet coaches

Ketan Patel

Shouty Coach

Eva Holcova-Patel

Nice Coach


You might still have some questions before you join us. Have a look at the most frequent ones which to hopefully find your answer. If your question is not covered, you can send us an email at


Do you have to attend all classes?

We encourage all our participants to commit to coming to all our classes so that they get the best possible results.

Where does it take place and at what time?

The location of the Fit Club will be held at Roxbourne Primary School, Torbay Rd, Harrow HA2 9QF.

Time: Monday & Wednesday between 7:00PM – 7:45PM.

How much does the Fitcamp cost?

The cost is £30 per month. You will have to register and pay every month. No standing orders or direct debit payments required. 

Do I need to bring anything?
You can choose to wear any clothing that you will feel comfortable in for sport related activities. We simply request that you bring:
– comfortable running/exercise trainers.
РA water bottle 
– An exercise matt
РA positive attitude  
What level of fitness do I need to be?

We take all levels of fitness levels with modified moves to help every level. Everyone is pushed to their capacity and stretched through the exercise. So don’t worry if you’re just starting!

How many spaces are available?

Spaces are limited so we always advise to register as soon as possible to reserve your place each month.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! You can bring any friends or family members with you. Make sure to share the love! ūüôā


Phone: 07957 270804



Bootcamp Location:

Roxbourne Primary School
Torbay Rd, Harrow HA2 9QF

FIT Club Hours

Mon: 7:00PM – 7:45PM

Wed: 7:00PM – 7:45PM